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Health and Wellness Coaching 

Ready to make a change but in need of support and accountability?

Sometimes we have an idea where we want to be and how we’d like to get there but it’s all a little fuzzy. If you’re committed to making a change and ready to do whatever you must to experience optimal health and wellness then health coaching is for you! Let’s talk about how you’ll start living the life of your dreams.

12 months

9 months

6 months


In Person Group Coaching

For those of you who are local I offer in person group worshops on a variety of topics. Click here if you’re interested in changing your life alongside other women who are just as committed to high level living. This is your chance to find your tribe!!!







Individual Therapy


Tired of being tired?

As women (and especially as mothers), we’re expected to give until it hurts. Cultural expectations and gender roles tell us that beign a woman means being selfless and unconditionally giving.

Life doesn’t have to be relentlessly exhausting. Find out how to make the necessary changes to find your bliss.



Health and Wellness Assessment

This is a comprehensive health assessment that provides individualized recommendations based on your goals, answers and budget.

It will assess

  1. Key dietary and lifestyle habits that impact health
  2. A diet and lifestyle score plus a customized plan
  3. Diet History
  4. Medication, Supplement and Antibiotic Intake
  5. Digestive History
  6. Sleep & Stress
  7. Goals and Readiness Assessment


Are You Ready?

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