The 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse

28 Day Spiritual Cleanse

We think you’ll love it, this is a 28 day program to immerse yourself in the meaning and spirit of meditation!

Get in touch with your inner self.  Grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you. Each day is packed with information to help you understand more about meditation and its versatility. You will have four weeks of accountability and guidance, learning different methods of meditation. It will help you to find methods that work best for your personal growth and will give you the best advantage in creating a viable meditation practice. Even though it focuses mainly on the spirit, you’ll create positive changes in your mind and body as well. It is an experience to not be missed!

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Welcome to the 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse

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    • You will get a packet, educating you on the benefits, history, and methods of meditation.
    • You will learn that everyone is different! We are not going to tell you which methods to use in your daily meditations, but encourage you to keep an open mind and experiment with styles that are new to you.
    • You will learn all about fitting meditation into your daily life.
    • You will find out which tools may aid you in deepening your meditation.

You will learn:

  • We are going to teach you about using meditation to combat stress. Your body will thank us for it.
  • You are going to learn that you can find deeper satisfaction in your daily activities by incorporating mindfulness into your routine.
  • We will teach you how to create a deep and meaningful meditation discipline.
  • We encourage starting small and slowly building upon your discipline, at your own pace.
  • Find out about the different ways to meditate.
  • 28-days of inspiration, direction, accountability, worksheets, and fun.
  • A One to One Mindful Living Counsultation with Ana Maria

I'm Ready to Be the Best Me!

This past fall, I experienced a miscarriage (my 3rd pregnancy after 2 gloriously healthy ones). It was a complete shock and was affecting me (obviously) body, mind and spirit. I truly needed a support that would not only be the good friend who supported and listened to my grief, but also someone who shared tools of processing, healing and transformation. I did the 28 day spiritual cleanse and the structure and support of it truly provided for me when I wasn’t necessarily holding myself to new patterns of self-care, healing and transformation. She was always there when I needed that extra bit of personal support, and her program is thoughtful and truly unique–open to and accepting of many worldviews and perspectives that can all be behind our own journeys into meditation and mindful habits. I’m a more calm, thoughtful person, truly connected to my emotions and not afraid to share them and reach deep inside to work in alignment with my heart on a daily basis.
I’m so grateful for this program and for Ana Maria.
Maddy P

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